Why Emblation

Working together, our team has already produced ideas and devices that have amazed some of the world’s leading medical companies and clinicians.

More than 100,000 treatments using our pioneering solution have been carried out globally to date. Here are just a few of our success stories.

Patient case studies

Swift cures lifetime of verruca pain

Verrucae can be a blight for a lifetime. One patient, Jane, a 72-year-old grandmother, had suffered with one for more than 50 years before it was finally successfully cured using Emblation’s Swift microwave therapy

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“Swift is a new technology and we are focused on providing the best possible treatments for our patients. The treatment is quick, clean and easy for both clinician and patient. It was seamless and effortless to integrate and has provided the highest efficacy rates ever experienced with verrucae.

“The device is easy to use, predictable and repeatable. It’s a key piece of equipment which has significantly impacted our practice both clinically and financially. It’s the best investment we have ever made.”

Paul Kirkland

“It’s not invasive, so it’s really, really safe to use on a wide range of patients. I’ve done over 500 treatments now and have got the money back five times easily. Business-wise, it’s the best thing I’ve done – no doubt. I’m really, really pleased with it.”

Matthew Butters

“It’s all been very positive. The patients are really delighted with the fact that it’s so easy for them. There’s no time off work – they can come during their lunch or on Saturday.

“They don’t have to stop playing any sports, which happens with other types of treatment. The feedback from both the clinicians and the patients has been really, really positive. We’re finding an 80 to 85 per cent success rate after a number of treatments.”

Lorcan O’Donaile