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Taking microwave technology to a new level

Microwave technology has changed the face of modern medicine. Since the 1970s, it has been used to destroy diseased tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact.

Today, Emblation leads the world with a range of microwave medical products that enable clinicians to treat a wide variety of conditions from skin lesions to various cancers.

Our revolutionary range of powerful yet portable microwave generators also offer world-class performance in a range of demanding areas including industry, science, academia, and research.

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Our existing product range is truly ground-breaking and pushes the boundaries of microwave technology across a range of disciplines. But as a company we want to keep innovating, driving forwards – and changing the world.

That’s why research and development is a priority for us, particularly in the challenging but critically important area of medicine. We quite literally want to save lives.

At Emblation, we’re building the future. Now.

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