In medicine, our innovative Swift system has revolutionised the treatment of verrucas and warts. These lightweight and compact machines are now treating hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

Swift allows the treatment area to be highly targeted and the skin surface is not broken or affected. The procedure is simple, clean and safe, and only takes a matter of seconds. Healing begins immediately.

The small footprint and portability of our Swift device removes the need for treatment to be given in large general hospitals using large, expensive and inflexible devices. Instead, it can be carried out in small clinics, opening the door to all.

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High power systems

The need for compact, portable and safe medical microwave systems combining low cost with high power has never been greater. Our revolutionary MSYS245 microwave generator can be used in any clinical setting.

Its wide range of uses include in oncology for procedures such as lung and liver ablation. In cardiology, it can treat atrial fibrillation and intraoperative endocardial microwave ablation.

Other conditions which can benefit from the use of this Emblation signature product include microwave hyperthermia and coagulation therapies, soft tissue ablation, diathermy and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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OEM systems

Outside the realm of medicine, our microwave generators are used for demanding industrial and scientific applications as well as academic and scientific research.

Our state-of-the art OEM microwave generators are some of the smallest systems available and are offered as turnkey solutions. The product range includes the ultra-compact ISYS range as well as devices with the ability to capture data and operate remotely.

Emblation Microwave’s 100W microwave generators push the boundaries of science in areas such as plasma physics and green organic chemistry. And for the ultimate in portability, our USB-controlled ISYS series can be moved between laboratories with ease.

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