Council leaders welcome Emblation at new Stirling office

Emblation has moved into its stunning new £4m office in Stirling, ushering in the start of a new era. We have invested heavily in our new HQ Emblation House – which boasts a sauna, gym, chillout area and a 90-person auditorium.

To mark the milestone, senior officials from Stirling Council, including leader Chris Kane, enjoyed a tour of our 20,000 plus square feet premises following its 18-month refurb.

Councillor Kane said: “Emblation is a world leading business, with an outstanding reputation for innovation in health technology.

“The move to Stirling further enhances the growth of the life sciences sector in the city and they are exactly the type of pioneering and forward-thinking company we want to attract.

“Emblation brings high value, highly skilled jobs and with plans for even greater expansion they will help deliver economic diversity and development opportunities to the area.”

We have enjoyed rapid growth and global expansion, thanks to the success of our Swift® device, which has revolutionised treatment of HPV-based skin lesions including Actinic Keratosis, warts and verrucae.


More than 300,000 treatments have been performed across the world and the innovative microwave technology is undergoing trials as a treatment for conditions, such as cervical cancer and skin cancers and pre-cancers.

An essential feature of our new headquarters is the 4000 sq ft production facility, where we will now carry out manufacturing of a number our devices. This process was previously fully outsourced. This move is cementing our commitment to growing the industry in Scotland.

Gary Beale, co-founder and CEO said: “The opening of Emblation House represents just how far we have come as a company. Finally showing visitors around the space is incredibly rewarding.

“Watching my vision for our new HQ take shape and become a reality has been incredibly motivating and marks the next chapter in Emblation growth.

“The office represents a positive shift too, not only does it offer a great environment to work but also allows us to double-down on our Scottish roots by bringing production in-house and creating a modern, state of the art centre for innovation.

“We’re hopeful that the new HQ and the rewarding work we’re doing in the sector will not only attract the very best talent, but also offer the perfect platform to take the next leap as a Scottish-based firm with huge global aspirations.”

The creation of Emblation house is seen as a major coup for Stirling and Councillor Kane was joined on his tour by Stirling Council’s Chief Executive Carol Beattie and Chief Operating Officer Brian Roberts.

The Council Leader added: “We’re excited to welcome the relocation of Emblation to Stirling and look forward to working with them in the coming years to help further increase their international growth.

“Castle Business Park is also seeing increased occupation rates as more companies take advantage of Stirling’s excellent transport links, central location and attractive workplace environment. We’re glad Emblation have also recognised our ambition.”

We hope that the new offices will promote collaboration among teams that traditionally work independently in clinical research, engineering, and sales & marketing. Additionally, we hope that the new workspace will attract new talent to the team as the business continues to grow rapidly.

The firm was founded by Gary Beale and Eamon McErlean, who met during post-graduate studies at Heriot Watt university. The pair went on to launch Swift® in 2016, as a radical new treatment in the podiatry & dermatology sectors.