Celebrating 200,000 treatments

Emblation has reached a milestone after completing 200,000 treatments with our innovative microwave device for treating common skin problems.

Based in Scotland, our impressive growth is underpinned by the fact that almost half of the treatments took place outside the UK, as we pursue global expansion.

Jonathan Williamson, Chief Commercial Officer, said the success our Swift® device – which uses microwave technology to treat common skin problems – demonstrated why we recently won an eight-figure investment deal.

He added: When our founders developed this technology, they knew they had come up with something very special – now we are really starting to see the fruits of that innovation.

It’s telling that we have reached this milestone despite the fact that Swift® was only launched in 2016. We are still very much in start-up mode, so to have achieved these levels in a mature market with an entirely new treatment is something to be extremely proud of.

It’s also remarkable that we have reached this significant landmark despite the many challenges thrown up by the pandemic. It really is a testament to the clinics who have invested in our technology, and the dedication they bring to providing the best new treatments to their patients.

The number of treatments carried out with Swift devices has now surpassed the 200,000 mark. With the Swift distributor network growing globally, this number is split across several markets including the UK, Australia, Canada and the US.

We’ve also just staked our first foothold in the European market thanks to a deal earlier this year with a respected Munich firm which distributes specialist medical devices across Germany and Austria.

Jonathan added: While this is brilliant news for Emblation, we never lose sight of the fact that the most important people in this picture are the patients. Happily, the more treatments we complete, the clearer it is that Swift delivers outstanding results.

The portable microwave technology enables medical experts to resolve persistent common and plantar warts (verrucae) with a simple microwave treatment and has won widespread praise and recognition within both the medical and technology arena.

As a result, it is now being offered in almost 1000 clinics globally with more than 2000 clinicians having been trained in how to use Swift.

Jonathan said: We know that once podiatrists, dermatologists, and other clinicians start using Swift it rapidly becomes an invaluable and profitable part of their business because it is quick, easy to use and highly effective.

Meanwhile here at Emblation we’ve also grown our research and development capability to build on promising early results which could lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of skin cancers and pre-cancers.