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Emblation was established on the belief that the future of medical technology will be defined by the significant growth in investment, research, and product development in immune-modulating treatments (IM®) – a unifying concept that has driven our company structure, investment in technology, skills, partnerships, and clinical research.

Introducing IM®: Medical Devices with Immune Activation

In the 1970s, microwave technology was introduced as a new dawn in cancer treatment – a way of successfully treating liver cancer patients with a minimally invasive technique that destroys diseased tissue directly, leaving healthy tissue intact.

Emblation video video image Over the past 40 years, the world has seen continual, iterative innovation in the field of microwave ablation, however limitations in size, weight, and cost of devices have restricted the areas of medicine that can benefit from this technology. Technology innovation has focused on creating larger zones of ablation, at higher temperatures and higher power.

During the same period, vast resources have been allocated to research and development in immunotherapy and as a consequence, the rapid growth of biotech, pharma and genetic research has overshadowed the potential benefits of many technology-driven interventions.

Emblation continues to invest in a programme of research focused on immune modulation (IM®) - subtle, non-ablative treatments that induce, enhance, or suppress immune responses, triggered by microwave activation and heat. While traditional microwave-based medical treatments focus on the destruction of tissue, Emblation has designed and developed products based on the immune activation effects of IM®.

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Swift® – Award-winning treatments in Podiatry and Dermatology

Commercially launched in the UK in 2016, Swift® is one of the fastest growing treatments in Podiatry today with international market traction and a growing portfolio of independent clinical research studies. You can find out more about the Swift® system by visiting:


Emblation’s platform technology – the innovation engine

Emblation’s range of research and potential treatments are all based on a unique, microwave generator platform – a technology that is the cumulative result of over 20 years of medical microwave focus, and is protected by more than 70 patents globally. Combined with expert clinical research collaborations and our dedicated product development team, our generator platform is the innovation engine that is used to continuously create new product concepts and deliver clinical breakthroughs.

Rapid Product Development Service

Are you interested in using our platform for your clinical applications? We partner with carefully chosen global healthcare leaders to create best-in-class products using our patented microwave generator platform technology. Our partners can take advantage of a rapid product development capability, an agile and responsive team, and the potential for a streamlined regulatory submission – resulting in a significantly faster time to market. Find out more about our award-winning technology partner service by visiting:


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